Private Label

Under the Private Label model, clients seek for product development that is tailored to meet specific requirements rather than an “off the shelf” solution. It is in this service area where CMD can develop personalized formulas that meet a precise idea or new concept. These formulas can revolve around unique ingredients, match the characteristics and performance of a benchmark product, or even work from an existing formula that is already being manufactured. From stage 1 of the product development process, CMD strives to get the client’s product to market on time and on budget.

Your project will benefit from our state-of-the-art facilities, offering a broad range of cutting edge capabilities in private label skincare like gel caps technology, topical preparations and sophisticated packaging.

Your business will be served by a laboratory recognized with one of the industry’s most trusted reputations for reliability, compliance and delivery. CMD is a proud recipient of the Essential Costa Rica, ISO 9001/14001 and BCS OKÖ certifications, standing out of our unquestionable commitment towards quality, innovation, productivity, and service.

At CMD, we have the expertise of a proven pharmaceutical leader with the focus and passion of an entrepreneurial and innovating team. The result is something rare in pharma today – a global pharmaceutical company that has the ability to discover and advance innovation therapies while meeting the desires of consumers around the world.

Above everything else, when you retain our services, your project will secure a scientific team with the experience to meet challenges with proven solutions.

Project Stages

1. Induction:

Everything starts with an initial meeting were CMD’s representatives would meet the client’s projects and necessities in the development of new products.
Once the projects are defined, a feasibility study will take place to secure the capability of development and production of each product.
After CMD is receiving a capability approval, the projects will be defined to start with the R+D stage of the process.

2. R+D :

After the Induction stage, an invoice defining each project and the fee for the formulation services will need the approval of the client for the continuity of the process. This is known as a retainer of our services and involves the complete dedication of a scientific team formed by chemists, technicians and engineers that will be dedicated to the conceptualization and theoretical formulation of each product.
When CMD has a theoretical formulation for the projects already defined, the next step is to materialize the theory with prototype samples that the client will evaluate to make changes or approve the one that fits their requirements.
It’s only when a sample is validated that a pricing can take place, this will be adjusted to the price target that each client needs and will be defined based of raw materials and the complicity of the formula.

3. Registration:

Once a formulation and its sample have been validated by the client, the registration of the product needs to be done. Thanks to the regulatory department of CMD, the product can be register in any country around the world.
For a registration in any place of the world, each product needs an artwork design that CMD will define and develop taking the necessities and requirements of the client. Once the design is done, the client will approve it for registration and a period of time will be required for the respective government institution to approve the registration of the product.

4. Manufacture:

The production process begins once samples are validated and the registers have been approved. All products manufactured by Laboratorios ZEPOL adhere to the highest quality standards. Consequently all production batches are consistent with the original validated prototype sample, to ensure that the appearance and quality are preserved.

5. Follow-up:

This stage focuses in customer satisfaction and continuous business development.