Laboratorios Zepol

Costa Rican Pride

In 1950 Dr. Luis Alejandro López Mejía had a dream: to mass-produce and distribute his landmark product, “Zepol Balsamic Ointment”, to bring relief and comfort to all the people of Costa Rica who ailed the symptoms of the common cold. It was then when Laboratorios ZEPOL was born.

In 1979 his son, Alejandro López van der Laat continued the company’s development by means of modernization of the manufacturing plant and the distribution channels.

Nowadays, ZEPOL is headed by María Alejandra López Yglesias, who represents the third generation of the López Family and has internationalized the company’s products and services.

Laboratorios ZEPOL has evolved from a small manufacturing plant into a full ISO class 8 facility, governed and certified by pharmaceutical international standards.

More than 60 years may have passed since the founding of Laboratorios ZEPOL, yet its original values and attention towards customer satisfaction remain unchanged. It is still focused in bringing health, wellness and beauty to its consumers. As a leader in the pharmaceutical industry it continues to develop and manufacture high quality medicines, cosmetics and botanical extracts.

Laboratorios ZEPOL is truly committed with the community, its customers and the planet:

“Our Social Corporate Responsibility Program currently provides low cost services for young entrepreneurs, as well as small family-owned companies. Our Environmental Resource Management Program is ISO 14001 compliant and ensures minimal impact towards the environment”. María Alejandra López Yglesias, CEO Laboratorios ZEPOL.

Laboratorios ZEPOL is a vanguard pharmaceutical company that strives to overcoming the challenges of the future.

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