Contract Manufacturing Division (CMD) consists of four major service areas: Strategic Brands (Private Label & Controlled Brands), Natural Extracts, Luxury Packaging, and Production Services. Each area offers a complete turn-key service and is customized to meet client specific requirements with the highest quality standards. In the world of cosmetic manufacturers CMD represents the leader in providing multidisciplinary solutions to individuals and corporations with entrepreneurial initiatives. Regardless of the size of peculiar needs, CMD works as an extension of the client’s business allowing it to focus on core activities such as sales and customer service.

CMD turn-key service includes:

  • Product development.
  • Formulation and prototype samples.
  • Real time and accelerated stability studies.
  • Image and packaging design.
  • Technical, legal and commercial advisory.
  • Sanitary and brand registration.
  • Manufacturing and logistical support.

Our Latest Projects

Clínica Bíblica

The ever popular cosmetic line for Hospital Clínica Bíblica, developed by Laboratorios Zepol, is relaunched to show a sleek, professional and more pharma-oriented image. This line is formulated with top-quality botanical extracts such as papaya, green tea, tamarind and grape skin to ensure a beautiful and healthy skin:
Body Exfoliating Gel, Facial Exfoliating Gel, Facial Day Cream, Facial Night Cream, and Moisturizing Lotion SPF 30.

ZOE Facial Day and Night Cream

Zoe facial day cream is a light formula that hydrates and nourishes all kind of skins. It contains aloe vera and cucumber extract to soothe and refresh irritated or dry skin, leaving a calming and fresh sensation.
Enriched with natural oat extract, Zoe facial night cream provides deep moisturizing with its nourishing formula, supporting skin’s regenerating process during night time. The result is a skin intensively moisturized and regenerated that looks healthy and beautiful.

ZOE Hand Cream and Deep Moisturizing Cream

Zoe Hand Cream is an ultra rich cream that helps seal the skin’s own natural moisture, providing instant moisturization and leaving a protective barrier against the harshest conditions.
Enriched with Chamomile extract, it helps to soften and comfort the skin. Zoe Deep moisturizing Cream has been formulated to deeply moiturize dry skin affected by harsh weather conditions.
It contains Oat and Cucumber Extracts to refresh and soothe skin.


MAVEMPRO OF COSTA RICA presents ELIPIL ® Hair Lotion lice and nits. A treatment designed especially for children in school ages with trouble of lice and nits. Just thinking about them, has developed a non-toxic product free of pesticides, which does not represent a risk to the health of children. The light texture of ELIPIL ® allows easy application and rinsing, without hurting the hair. In addition, its fruity aroma makes the application a pleasant experience


DROGUERIA ORIX, Honduran pharmaceutical company, together with CMD has developed three new products for the Central American market: ORIX® Emulgel, a facial sunscreen SPF 50+ broad spectrum, formulated with an innovative emulsion -gel base, protects skin from the sun's rays while moisturizing deeply. It is not greasy and absorbs quickly without clogging pores or leaving white film on the skin. 


Another project of Honduran company, ORIX. LOREDA® facial cleanser with pH 3 .5 and lactic acid, is a gentle cleanser and restorer of the acid mantle, enriched with aloe and oat extract. Especially designed for ultra delicate and sensitive skin.

Latest News

Expo-Hospital 2015 Santiago, Chile

Contract Manufacturing Division (CMD) will participate for the first time in the Expo-Hospital 2015 presenting in Santiago de Chile. This is an international exhibition of technologies, products and services for hospitals, clinics and laboratories.


For the fourth consecutive time, CMD will participate in the BTM organized by PROCOMER. Buyer's Trade Mission ( BTM ) is the most important export promotion event held in Costa Rica, which seeks progress and diversification of Costa Rican export sector and opening opportunities for exporters and international buyers.


CMD has made development and delivery as smooth as the product they provide. We are looking forward to a long and healthy relationship as CR1 develops it ground breaking health and beauty line.

Aran Downes